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Mahana Ubqari Magazine is a Urdu and Islamic form magazine published since September 2006 from Ubqari Monthly Magazine, 78/3 Qurtaba Chowk, Old United Bakery Street, Moazang Chungi, Lahore, Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan. It is published on monthly basis any one can contact for Mahana Ubqari Magazine on these numbers 0092-42-37425803, 0092-42-37425802, 0092-42-37425801 and has millions of its readers in many countries. Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai is an Editor of Monthly Magazine (Ubqari) he is the key person of Ubqari magazine and written more than 210 books for his readers. He is a famous hakeem also written a number of health and spiritual articles in Ubqari Magazine. Ubqari Trust (Regd.) was initiated for delivery of Zakat, Khairat and Sadqa to the deserving persons according to the Shariah guidelines of Hazoor (PBUH). Publishers not allow to download Ubqari Magazine however you can buy it or read online. Visitor can only read online Ubqari Magazine in PDF format.

Ubqari Magazine Monthly
Ubqari Magazine Monthly

Ubaqari Magazine is one of most well-known moral, spiritual and health magazine in Pakistan, male and female equally very love of Ubqari magazine, and this magazine contains huge compilation of Urdu Spiritual Articles, home-grown Remedies, Social Articles and other famous topics.

I am just serving the readers with information and piece of writing of authors. I am not providing any books or legendary material at all. I am given that only quality links to bestseller Urdu books, magazines and other legendary bits and pieces in PDF Format for the learning point. All rights of publications are kept to publisher of magazine or books Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai (db). If any author has any problem to sharing their books for learning purpose please connects me to remove provided link of magazine or book.

Read Ubqari Magazine Online

Read Online Ubqari Magazine on ubqari.org that contains wide-ranging healthiness articles. It also contains numerous effectual skin care as well as fitness tips and techniques that aid a man to stay more constructive physically, coherently and appreciably.

Some medical cases, spiritual curing is required for cure intention. In UBQARI, spiritual Islamic cure techniques have also explained in details. Even a number of patients have lost their hopes for strength recovery. Spiritual therapeutic method treated their deadly health issues on forever basis. Now they lived a pleased and vigorous life only because of UBQARI HEALTH MAGAZINE.

Ubqari Magazine monthly edition has been published on every month. Hakeem Tariq Mahmood Chugtai at 78/3 Qurtaba Chowk, Old United Bakery Street, Moazang Chungi, Lahore, Editor of Ubqari magazine written a number of fitness articles. Ubqari magazine is most renowned health magazine of Pakistan.
You can reach their headquarters by following coordinates.

Postal address: Ubqari Monthly Magazine, 78/3 Qurtaba Chowk, Old United Bakery Street, Moazang Chungi, Lahore, Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan
Ubqari  Phone Numbers: 0092-42-37425803, 0092-42-37425802, 0092-42-37425801
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