Download Free PTCL SMART TV APP For PC and Android Phone

PTCL SMART TV APP For PC and Android Phone Free

PTCL Smart TV is an app that allows you lookout Live TV channels on your computer, laptop, mobile phone and other devices, you can save a live or previous program in your system either computer, hard disk, laptop or mobile and watch it offline when you have more time. This app can also enable to record different channels such as gaming, news, movies, or music channels, dramas, programs, shows and cooking shows and you can watch your best programs on your laptop or PC when you get time.

Download Free PTCL SMART TV APP For PC and Android Phone

The rare price is a monthly Rs. 99 /- subscription as compared to cable fee of 300 minimum to 500 hundred depending on areas where you are living. Absolutely the areas of high income gets maximum rates of cable fee as compared to areas of low level income with amazing features. Good news is Smart TV App is free for users using 4MB Internet packages or CharJi or 4G. Let gets brief tour of the main features of Smart TV App . Plus 100 about 125 channels to make your entertainment in next level, personal video recording the most loving feature for youtubers, tiktokers, instagrammers and social circle people, is also gave/given to you by watching any video on your requested demand.

Download Free PTCL SMART TV APP For PC and Android Phone

For Rs 99 per month you can take the advantage of hundreds of live channels for extreme levele of entertainment, movies and TV on-demand on your high tech mobile, tablets and PCs with fast processing and low data using browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc. Customers even you can subscribe for the app to get Smart TV app services by calling 0800-80800. In other case you can dial 1236 PTCL Helpline.
Get this app from Google play Store or downloaded from the link given below. You can also get this on your computer from the PTCL website.

To download, visit Android Play Store or the Apple App store. If you wish to watch on the Web, just sign in to and enjoy.

PTCL Smart TV App for PCs

With this app now Broadband users can watch 125 TV channels on their PC deprived of getting the IPTV service and there is no necessity for any Set-top-box. Smart TV with App for broadband clients is free of charge for first two months. Monthly service fee of Rs. 250 per month will apply. Though you need aid a PTCL landline client with dsl actuated. PTCL smart television app may be best to dsl clients. You bring actuated PTCL Smart television to pc by calling with respect to PTCL 1236 PTCL Helpline. You have effectively setup IPTV over Ethernet.

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